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here it is, finally!

Something old, something borrowed, something... ummm.

Primarily a collection of digital images. Images to share, images to show off.

In the early 1970's, I learned a lot about Stage Photography. White balance, shutter speeds, depth of field, push processing ektachrome. There are probably more than a few pictures I took sitting in someone's closet from those years. Later, a little free lance work for a local entertainment newspaper, and LOTS of concert photos. Most of those in my closet.

Fast forward to the 21st century - sure I can shoot a few photos of that high school (or college) play, he said. All digital now.

Many thousands of images later, here's a few taken out of the digital closet to share and show off.


the Design (with a capital 'D')

Like I said, something borrowed, something new. Lot's of time spent looking at other sites wondering how they did that. I read about css and rollovers (properly, hover) and elements and properties and colors in style sheets.

Of course, getting everything to look the same in both NS and IE was a challenge, and not as "the same" as I would like it, but more will will be done in that area.


Today's date is
 Comment by Admin
Boy, this has been an incredible learning experience. From the domain registration to hosting, to CSS, to Elements mods. From bandwith to diskspace.
 Comment by Admin
CSS, huh? Lot's of flipping thru web site tutorials and other sites, always asking, "How'd they do that?"